• A personal collection of photographs by one of Adolf Hitler’s senior commanders is up for auction in the UK on 31 March. Field Marshal Wolfram von Richthofen – seen here reporting at the victory parade for the Condor Legion in Berlin – was the cousin of Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, a fighter ace from World War One.

    The collection is being auctioned by Dickins Auctioneers in Buckinghamshire and is expected to fetch up to £20,000. Von Richthofen commanded the Condor Legion, the flag of which is seen here. It infamously bombed Guernica during the Spanish civil war, killing hundreds. In 1941, von Richthofen commanded a Luftwaffe division during Operation Barbarossa – the ultimately unsuccessful invasion of the Soviet Union.

    Here von Richthofen marches just to the left of General Franco at a parade at Barajas Novelty, Madrid Underwear. The Condor Legion’s support for Franco aided in his seizing power – which he retained, as dictator, until 1975.

    The homecoming reception for von Richthofen and the rest of the Condor Legion in Berlin was substantial. These photographs come from two photo albums, which were taken from Berlin by a British soldier Plus-Size, covering Operation Barbarossa. Many of the photos are captioned in von Richthofen’s own handwriting Handbags & Wallets.

    A “chain” of Henschel planes, flying for the Luftwaffe in the offensive against the Soviet Union. After his success with the Condor Legion in Spain, von Richthofen had command of an air corps unit, supporting ground troops and tank units Jackets.