• If you’re anything like us, sitting at the table to eat is usually accompanied by favorite songs playing through a Bluetooth speaker. With the Sound Table from smart furniture startup Kamarq Outdoor Clothing, diners can enjoy streamed music right at the table – as the table itself acts as a wireless speaker.

    The designers have integrated two next-gen flat panel speakers into the table, with the diaphragms oscillating to output sound via the table itself. Its makers stress that it does this without causing any items placed on top to walk across and fall off the edge due to vibrations – so your favorite brew will remain stirred, not shaken – and Kamarq is promising a high quality, room-filling sonic experience. Though given the rather disappointing performance of the vibrational speakers we’ve tried, we’d need to experience this tech for ourselves before passing judgement.

    Already on sale in Japan after a successful crowdfunding effort there, the appropriately-named Sound Table is now live on Kickstarter to fund global aspirations. It was created to ease the clutter associated with modern connected living, and can act as a music and ambient sound source Sun Protection Swimwear, home network hub, and device charging outlet.

    There’s cooked in Bluetooth 4 Shoes.0 and 3G network capabilities to allow wireless music streaming or internet radio playback Jackets, and users can set playlists and get weather notifications via a companion mobile app. Kamarq has also included 10 ambient sounds to get the party started, such as a babbling brook and chirruping birds.

    The Sound Table is being manufactured in Indonesia from FSC-approved hardwoods like white oak and mahogany and has funky crossed square legs for stylish visual appeal Sportswear. It even includes a USB port and power outlet on its side to help reduce dining room cable clutter (a power cable for the table itself is plugged into the a port at the bottom of one of its legs).

    The Sound Table project launched on Kickstarter has two versions on offer. Pledges for a Cube side table start at SGD 640 (about US$460), while the full-sized Delta table starts at SGD 920 or more for the smallest of four sizes. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start as soon as June. The pitch video below outlines exactly what’s on offer.