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  • Benefits for Drivers:

    • Drivers using taxi apps also benefit just like passengers.
    • The drivers do not need to waste time looking for passengers rather they can get instant bookings if they are in the vicinity of the passenger.
    • Drivers using taxi apps can log in and log out whenever they wish. This provides greater flexibility in selecting their work timings as per their needs. This increase productivity in the long run.
    • Drivers can even earn more money as they can make more trips per hour with this app.

    Driver App Modules :

    • Any time anywhere access.
    • Taxi driver and passenger can easily connect.
    • Track pick-up and drop off  location.
    • Passengers get acquainted with the driver, and vehicle details before boarding.
    • Fare transparency with no bargaining headaches.
    • Passengers can track their destination way.
    • Better customer experience.
    • Offer multiple payment options
    • Driver Sign Up/Login
    • Add Vehicle Details
    • Go Online/Offline
    • Accept/Reject Inquiries
    • Navigation to Customer Location
    • Start trip
    • Navigation to Destination Location
    • End Trip
    • Review Customer
    • Bill Summary
    • My Rides (Ride History)
    • Fix Rental or Percentage (please ask for more details)

    Benefits for the Taxi Business

    • Taxi apps have a rating system whereby a passenger can rate a driver and vice versa.
    • You can track down incompetent drivers or unruly passengers in this way and issue warnings accordingly.
    • Google Map and GPS navigation is used by Taxi apps to keep track of all taxis in its fleet. Location and real time with all details of the passengers can be tracked in case of an emergency.
    • Mobile app usage is at a record high where people around the world are learning the ways of smart phones and downloading such taxi apps for free. Taxi apps will thus form loyalty among its users.