• We deliver  first class service to all our customers.
    Welcome to"Carlisle 247365 Taxis" The most progressive and expanding Taxi company in Carlisle and the surrounding areas.
    Being based at the heart of Carlisle, Cumbria and The Borders we know we can deliver!
    Whether local taxi trips in and around Carlisle or long distant taxis journeys, we ensure you will arrive in comfort and on time.
    Our fleet consists of many available vehicles, ranging from standard saloon taxis and estates to 8 seater wheel-chair accessible taxis.
    All of our Hackney carriage taxis and drivers are regulated by the Carlisle City Council.
    Always use a Hackney carriage or Private hire vehicle. Check they have a >H< or >P< plate displayed on the rear bumper. Always make sure your driver has a badge displayed within the vehicle.
    • Tariff 1 between 07 am and 11 pm
    • Tariff 2 between 11 pm and 07 am
    • Tariff 3 All day on Bank Holidays and Public Holidays
    • Journeys starting between 6pm and midnight on Christmas Eve (24 December)
    • Journeys starting between 6pm and midnight on New Years Eve (31 December)
    • Always check your belongings before you leave the Taxi
    • Always put a trusted Taxi number in your phone